Zombie in China TikTok 2022 Watch Video

Zombie in China TikTok 2022 Watch Video will find here. TikTok is in a panic that there is a zombie apocalypse on the horizon and that it’s all beginning in China. Struggling to separate fiction from reality, some TikTok users fear that 2022 will see more virus outbreaks, as the world continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

While it’s not clear who started the trend – two things are certain. Zombies are nothing less than entertaining social media reactions to a cool Halloween costume and weird trends. Users have been taking to social media to express their opinions- ranging from panic to setting the record directly over the bizarre trend.

Zombie in China Video 2022

A lot of people have been telling me they’re moving to Mars if the zombies actually come to destroy the world. Amongst all the hysterics there’s also talk about it being for a movie. However, the confusion could also arise from an article published in 2021 that talks about a zombie apocalypse that is “most likely to start in China”.

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What is Zombie?

By definition, “A zombie is an undead flesh-eating body that is either affected by a virus or has been bitten by another zombie”. So it’s safe to tell this trend isn’t true and you can all relax.

(From youtube) Lately, many people are looking for information about zombie cases in China. So this guy living here in China and decided to make a video on this topic. He hopes it answers all your questions and curiosities about cases of zombies or werewolves in China 2022.

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At first, he just wanted to answer the question of whether there are cases of zombies in China in 2022 without realizing it. This vlog turned into a kind of mini-documentary. He recommends you watch it till the end because he guarantees you will learn something new about China 2022!