Triangle Strategy Best Characters – Tier List Update

Triangle Strategy Best Characters – Tier List Update will find here. This triangle strategy guide will only focus on the best characters in the game. You need to focus on hiring them as soon as possible. From here you will learn about their abilities. Find out more about when you can hire them for your team.

By the way, Building the best potential team early on in Triangle Strategy may be a challenging task, as many of the top characters reach around later in the game. Still, you can do really well with some of the early characters and make the rest of your party use more extra hiring.

Triangle Strategy Best Characters

Triangle Strategy Best Characters List

S-Tier Characters List:

Roland Glenbrook
  • Class: Spear Knight
  • Weapon: Lance

Roland is a skilled knight possessing of great offensive style. Roland is a skilled knight with a great offensive style. Also, this character allows players to have more mobility and attack more than one enemy at a time. The downside is that this character is not a good defender.

Players need to team up Roland with a character who can give him a healthy buff.  If you still can’t get your target, then use his Rush skill, which permits him to run through four squares and attack enemies within three more squares.

Anna Pascal
  • Class: Spy
  • Weapon: Iron Dagger

Anna! This character offers some powerful attacks that can handle a huge amount of damage to opponents. Anna can easily become an invaluable member of any team because of her ability to act twice. And it allows him to perform two actions in one turn. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that it has nothing to do with his drive, as he can only move once in a while.


Frederica! This pyromancer can do a lot of damage with its fire-based abilities such as fire pillars, scratches, blazing chains or fire eater. Equipped with his Tom of Fire, this character can be recruited after winning the Battle of Basset by Brigades.

A-Tier Characters List


This character uses his counter-stand ability to tolerate opponents’ losses even outside of his turn. This is surely a great help in dealing with the opponent’s high losses. Moreover, Serenoa can use his capacity to hit all the enemies around him at once. This character has been available to players from the beginning which has made it one of the best round characters in this triangle strategy level list.


A magic-user that can handle elements to give the team an extra benefit. Moreover, the character offers good mobility and magic damage. His sanctuary powers may allow him to heal. Nerve armor is great against opponents because they don’t get down easily in physical attack. This character can be recruited through the character story in Chapter 5.


Lionel! This character greatly increases the chances of looting and throwing coins while closing a player’s mouth. Also, Lionel could attract opponents to attack each other which could be very effective in mid-war. However, this ability is quite random and does not work all the time. Players can add Lionel to their team through the character story in Chapter 5. To recruit Lionel, players must purchase items from his store.

B-Tier Characters

Narve Oparyn

Healers can be a great help to all team members, and if they can help with other things, it’s even better. This is what puts Nerve on our list of best surface levels. The nerve can simultaneously use the power of Sanctuary to heal all allies and then create a vortex, which not only magically harms all enemies in AoE fashion but also changes their direction.


It is a mounted healing character that can heal allies within range. He can heal himself or his allies during a follow-up attack. His starting weapon is a six-edged staff. This character can be unlocked through Character Stories in Chapter 5 if players have completed several mock battles in Encampment.

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