TikTok Old Age Filter Capcut – Younger Effect

TikTok Old Age Filter Capcut – Younger Effect details will find here. The newest viral video trend on TikTok is being called the “cool old” filter, as users are creatively utilizing an AI-generated effect in CapCut TikTok videos to catch a glimpse of their future selves. The trend has gained immense popularity as users are intrigued to see how they might appear after a few decades, using this cutting-edge technology to simulate the effects of aging.

TikTok Old Age Filter Capcut

This groundbreaking technology has the incredible ability to transform your face into a future, older version of yourself with just a few taps, making the process seem almost like magic as it happens in a matter of seconds. However, locating and accessing this feature has proven to be a challenge for many users, as it is not directly available for use on the video app.

TikTok Old Age Filter Capcut

If you’re looking to get the ‘old age’ filter on TikTok, it’s important to note that the popular ‘cool old’ effect is actually only available on FaceApp. To access this filter, you’ll need to follow these steps provided by Dexerto:

  • Download and open FaceApp.
  • Scroll through the different features until you find the one labeled ‘age’.
  • Under the ‘age’ feature, you’ll find various options. To achieve the viral trend that makes you look old, select the ‘cool old’ effect.
  • Apply the filter to a photo uploaded to FaceApp and save the edited image.
  • After obtaining your edited image from FaceApp, return to TikTok and search for a TikTok video that features the CapCut template used for the trend.
  • Once you’ve found it, click on “use template” and ensure that you place your old image as the first frame, followed by your young image as the second frame. This will allow you to seamlessly transition from your current self to your aged version in the video, joining in on the popular trend and showcasing your transformed appearance in a captivating way.

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Numerous TikTok users have been enhancing their final videos by incorporating music, including popular tracks like Jay-Z’s iconic hit ‘Forever Young’ featuring Mr Hudson. This particular song choice has gained traction for its fitting lyrics and nostalgic vibe, adding an extra layer of sentimentality to the videos.

Users have been able to find the song on Alphaville’s TikTok profile, and it has become a popular soundtrack choice for the ‘cool old’ trend, amplifying the impact of the age-transforming videos and making them even more engaging to viewers.

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