Qalby Mp3 Download Yaser Abd Alwahab ft Zaid Alhabeeb | Video

Qalby Mp3 Download Yaser Abd Alwahab ft Zaid Alhabeeb & Video will find here. Qalby Music video Yaser Abd Alwahab ft Zaid Alhabeeb details will find here. In this article, you can also read Qalby – Yaser Abd Alwahab ft Zaid Alhabeeb Lyrics here.

Qalby Lyrics

ترفه وتحب الغزل
واتغزلت بيها
حلت شعرها ونزل
لحجول رجليها

حنية كلها ودفو
محلاهـا ياربي
نظرتها مثل الغزو
استوطنت قلبي

مدري اللي خلقها اشوضع
بخدودهـا الترفة
والمشكلة شما بست
تغريني بالشفة

كل الجمال انجمع
بعيونها الحلوة
ايروح لها فدوة العمر
فدوة وره فدوه

واتربعت بالقلب
وامعشعشه ابالي
قعدت بريتي مثل
هذا النفس مالي

ميت عليها وصرت
مجنون رسميا
طحت ابعشقها ومتت
عليها حرفيا

خلوها تلعب لعب
بقليبي تستاهل
وخل تنتشر بالجسم
وتحتلني بالكامل

بالعشق ماكو تره
ممنوع يا عالم
العشق لأهل السهر
ما نخلق للنايم

Qalby Lyrics English

She entertains and loves spinning
And I flirted with her
She loosened her hair and went down
for her legs

It’s all tender and warm
Please replace it
Her look is like an invasion
You settled my heart

I don’t know who created it
With her cheeks luxury
The problem is what is wrong
seduce me with the lip

All beauty gathered
With her sweet eyes
I will go to her for a lifetime
Fadwa after Fadwa

And settled in the heart
And I don’t care about it
I sat pretty like
This self is financial

Dead on it and you became
Officially crazy
I fell in love with her and died
on it literally

Let her play games
In my heart, you deserve it
Vinegar spreads throughout the body
And occupy me completely

With love, you don’t see it
forbidden world
Love for the nightlife
What we create for the sleeping