Punorjonmo 3 Natok Download Afran Nisho Mehazabien

Punorjonmo 3 Natok Download Afran Nisho Mehazabien will find here. The audience was waiting like a pilgrim for the popular drama ‘Rebirth 3’. He was posting anxiously to watch the play on social media. The audience’s wait is over.

Punorjonmo 3 Natok Details:

  • Drama: Punorjonmo 3, পুনর্জন্ম ৩,
  • Written & Directed By: Vicky Zahed,
  • D.O.P: Sumon Hossain,
  • Cast: Afran Nisho, Mehazabien Chowdhury, Khairul Basar, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Shahed Ali, Mukul Siraj,
  • Sharif Siraj, Abdullah Al Sentu, Monjur Mintu, Salam Khan Tarun.,
  • Music, Tune & Lyrics: Mahamud Hayet Arpon,
  • Singer: Ajoy Roy,
  • Edit, Color, Sound & VFX: Aurnob Hasnat,
  • Line Producer: Masudul Mahmud Ruhan,
  • Assistant Director: S M Rakibul Hasan, Muhtasim Taqi, Tahsin Borno, Monir Hossain Babu,
  • Art Direction & Costume Design: Alvira Tasnim,
  • Poster: Sajjadul Islam Sayeem,
  • Gaffer: Younus sanai,
  • Photographer: Jayid Islam,
  • Production Manager: Hasib,
  • Produced By: Impress Telefilm Limited, Channel i.

According to the announcement, this drama starring Arfan Nisho and Mehzabeen was released on Channel I Prime YouTube at 7 pm on Sunday. ‘Punarjanm’ and ‘Punarjanm 2’ were produced by Channel I. After the airing, the two dramas became so popular that the name ‘Punarjanm’ became established as a brand. Directed by Vicky Zaheed, both the installments are widely loved by the audience. Therefore, due to the demand of the viewers, ‘Rebirth 3’ was aired on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Channel Eye.

But netizens were waiting to come to YouTube. The wait is over. Earlier it was said that ‘Rebirth 3’ will be released on YouTube on the day of promotion. But the Channel I authorities changed their decision and said that this drama has been opened on YouTube with additional additions.

This will make ‘Rebirth 3’ more enjoyable for the audience. The 60-minute version of ‘Punarjanm 3’ was aired on television, but viewers can watch the full 85-minute version on YouTube. Afran Nisho, Mehjabeen, Nowshaba, Khairul Basar, Shahed Ali, Mukul Siraj etc. acted in various roles in the drama ‘Punarjanm 3’.

Punorjonmo 3 Natok Download Afran Nisho Mehazabien: