Noor Islamic App Download – Free APK

Noor Islamic App Download – Free APK will find here. The Noor app provides a comprehensive range of Islamic resources, including the history of the Holy Quran, Hadith, Prayer, Hajj, and Raza, as well as ‘Seheri’ and ‘Iftar’ schedules and Tasbeeh counters. The app also features Islamic songs, videos, ringtones, wallpapers, and animations.

Noor Islamic App Download

Designed specifically for Robi users, the Noor app can be used year-round, while all mobile users can access the Holy Quran, prayer schedules, the location of the nearest mosque, and a compass free of charge. The app promotes a peaceful lifestyle in accordance with the Islamic system, and subscriptions offer free daily downloads of multimedia content.

Noor App Details:

  • Users subscribed to the Noor package (voice) will receive a complimentary 7-day subscription.
  • The app offers the ability to read and write the Holy Quran with Bengali translation, and provides prayer schedules and guidance to help you pray accurately.
  • Users can also access the schedule of Sehri and Iftar for the entire year by division, as well as schedules for Tarabeeh prayers and other relevant prayers.
  • The compass feature allows you to easily locate the correct direction of Kibbala for the benefit of Qibla. Additionally, the app provides daily prayers and prayers, a digital Tasbih, and information on the 99 names of Allah, Money, and Fajilata.
  • Users can discover Islamic names with the meaning for their newborns and find the nearest mosque and restaurant based on their location.
  • The app also offers information on Hajj chapters, prayers, and the Hajj, as well as live video streaming of Hajj and other Islamic events.
  • Users can download Islamic wallpapers and animations for free and enjoy unlimited streaming of Islamic songs and videos. The Umrah Hajj Package feature allows users to book Hajj Packages.

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