Italy Visa for Bangladesh 2023 – Know about Fee & Job

Italy visa for Bangladesh 2023: – Know about Fee & Job. Italy is going to introduce 80,000 new sponsorship visas, which will be effective in 2023. Italy also issued new sponsorship visas in various categories last year. Last year, the number of visas was 30,150.

This year, in 2023, it is increasing to 80 thousand. And this will create an opportunity for many Bangladeshi workers to go and work in Italy. This article will give you an overview of the Italian sponsored visa and you can learn more about the application process from here. So let’s get started!

Italy Visa for Bangladesh 2023

Many of us dream of working in Italy. But not for the right opportunity. The opportunity to work in Italy in 2023 has greatly increased. Because, in 2023, the Italian government will introduce about 80,000 sponsorship visas. And Bangladeshis also have the opportunity.

The areas where Italian sponsor visas will be available this year are:

  • Agriculture and manufacturing sector.
  • Tourism and hotels.
  • Road transport sector.
  • Construction workers etc.

It is known that the workers of Bangladesh will get the most opportunities in agriculture, manufacturing sector, tourism, hotel, road transport sector, etc. So those who are skilled in these jobs can apply for this sponsored visa. The Italian government’s labor minister said the legal entry quota had been increased to curb illegal entry into Italy. Opposition lawmakers say about 63,000 illegal immigrants have entered Italy this year.

Italy visa fee from Bangladesh 2023

Italy visa fee from Bangladesh 2023 details will find here. This time we will learn about the Italian visa fees. Italy visa fees have to be paid in several categories. These visa fees vary according to the visa.

Visa Fee

Italy visa fee from Bangladesh 2023:

Visa TypeVisa Fee (BDT)
Business Visa8000
Tourist Visa8000
Medical treatment Visa8000
Religious ceremonies Visa8000/11600
Skilled Worker Visa (up to 90 days)Free
Skilled Worker (over 90 days)5000
Family reunion Visa11600
Education Visa (over 90 days)5000
Education (within 90 days)Free
Self-employment Visa11020
Sailor Visa8000/11600
Re-entry Visa11600
Italy visa fee from Bangladesh 2023

আমেরিকান ডিবি লটারিতে আবেদন করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

Note: Keep in mind that the visa fees mentioned above may change at any time. Because the rate of Bangladeshi Taka from Euro may change every three months. So the applicant has to verify the visa fee properly. What the visa fee will depend on the type of visa. The visa fee is determined according to the type of visa you want. However, for skilled workers, their visa fees are much lower than others. And for others, the visa fee is a bit high.

Italy Work Visa 2023

Italy Work Visa 2023 details will find here. The huge investment of ownership in the agricultural sector and the position of Bangladeshis in this field are very strong in Italy. However, in the field of hotels and tourism, the position of the people of Bangladesh is considered to be the strongest. So those who have skilled workers in these fields will get a good job in Italy.

It is better to take a short course on a subject before coming to Italy. Before entering Italy, you can easily get a job in Italy by completing short courses in driving, hospitality, nursing, computer, and language from Bangladesh. It will be difficult to get a job in Italy if you are not skilled in any job. So to get a job in Italy, first learn a job, then come to Italy.

Eligible Country for Italy Sponsor Visa

There are opportunities to apply for Italian-sponsored visas from almost all countries. Countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in particular will be given the opportunity to apply for this sponsored visa. The countries whose names are particularly significant are:

  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Ivory Coast
  • Egypt
  • Salvador
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Korea
  • Tunisia & Many more countries.

In addition to the countries mentioned above, some other countries will also get the opportunity to sponsor visas for Italy. The reason these countries are given opportunities is that there are so many workers in those countries. The Italian government is offering this sponsored visa mainly to meet the labor crisis. So those who are citizens of these countries can apply for sponsor visas. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to be good at it. You can’t work properly if you are not good at it. Good luck to you.

Thanks for reading my article about Italy Visa for Bangladesh 2023 – Know about Fee & Job. I think now you know more about Italy Visa for Bangladesh 2023 – Know about Fee & Job. Stay well.