Italy Agriculture Visa 2023 Online Apply – How to apply?

Italy Agriculture Visa 2023 Online Apply – How to apply? details can be found in this article. Today we will talk about Italy’s agricultural visa. There are various advertisements for seasonal and sponsored visas in Italy, including agriculture, so many are wondering how to get an agricultural visa in Italy and how much it costs to process a visa, and how long it takes to get it. So let’s take a look at the details of agricultural visas in Italy in stages.

The government has sent about 69,000 migrant workers from several countries, including Bangladesh, to the Minister of Planning through various labor markets from December 21. Bangladeshi workers can now easily go from Bangladesh to Italy in any field. They have also confirmed how many people will be taken in which sector, so let’s take a look at the phases below.

According to the current Italian labor market, the Ministry of Social Planning has confirmed that a total of 14,000 quotas are still vacant in the agricultural sector, so all of these sectors will now be set aside for seasonal visas. So there will be an allocation of 20,000 crores for road and communication and hotel-restaurant in all these areas and now the Italian government has confirmed that it will take people.

This means that the Italian government has now confirmed that it will hire workers abroad for agricultural work, so a golden opportunity has been created in Bangladesh as well. It is being considered a golden opportunity for those who want to work in agriculture in Italy.

Italy Agriculture Visa 2023 Online Apply

To apply for an Italian agricultural visa you need to apply according to a specific category. According to the published category, people are currently being recruited in all these categories such as agriculture, restaurant work, cleaning, etc. They need specific requirements to get a work visa for various jobs.

  • A valid passport is required for a period of 6 months
  • NID card photocopy
  • Two copies of the passport-size photo
  • Certificate signed by the Chairman
  • Bank statement
  • Anyone training certificate in agriculture

There are two types of Italy visa application forms. One is for the quick stay, which is the Schengen Visa application form, and the last type is named “the National visa” for long stays. For the Italy visa application, you must apply online. After you have downloaded and printed the application form, you can fill it out by hand. After that attach all other necessary papers with it before submitting it to your country’s Italian embassy. Always fill out the form as detailed as achievable. Be specific about the data and it is wise not to leave any area unanswered.

You need to get all your papers ready before submitting the application form. These papers are your work permit from the job you have in Italy. Other required papers can be your valid passport, passport-sized photos, a letter from the bank declaring the applicant’s economic status, flight reservation (often plane tickets), health insurance paper, and an application form. Though these documents may change due to the type of visa you are applying for and based on the citizenship of your country.

Italy Agriculture Visa 2023 Online Apply

Italy Agriculture Visa 2023 for Bangladeshi

Currently, the Italian government will employ 14,000 people in agricultural work projects agriculture alone. They have confirmed that Bangladesh India City will employ about 14,000 people from different countries in Asia for their country’s agricultural development project. Can be employed in agriculture in Italy. And it will help Bangladesh to earn foreign exchange, so of course, those who are skilled in agriculture can easily apply if anyone wants.

আমেরিকান ডিবি লটারিতে আবেদন করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

The Italian government has confirmed in advance how many people will be hired in any sector through their circulars before any appointment in Italy. The Bangladeshi Ministry of Expatriates has confirmed that it is currently hiring people in various fields in Italy, including a hotel-restaurant and other factory visas. So you can easily apply for any visa in Italy through any Bangladeshi agency.

Anyone can apply through various sponsors including agricultural roads and hotel restaurants. If you are proficient in agriculture, then after moving to Italy, you will be able to engage in agricultural work and you will be able to run your own business in agriculture. For example, far ahead in Bangladesh, there are currently gardeners, and nursery workers, including restaurants, so you can easily apply and work there.

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How is the Italian agricultural visa processing?

To process an Italy visa you need to apply for an agricultural visa through any agency. You can apply for a visa according to the specific categories mentioned in their circulars. For example, currently, 14 thousand people will take agricultural visas. So you can go to Italy very easily through this agricultural subject. However, the problem is that the Italian agency Bangladesh has only a few names, through which you will be screened and then you will apply for this visa.

Visa activities for seasonal or seasonal visas have been introduced from 21st February 2022. Anyone can apply through this seasonal or seasonal mix and the application process will take about one month the details including application cost are given below.

What is the Salary for Agricultural Work in Italy?

Monthly income from BDT 2.5 lakhs to BDT 3 lakhs per month in agriculture in Italy. However, in the case of other jobs, the average salary per barrage is 3,343 euros per month, so the salary for agricultural work is much higher than that. Besides, if you do other work, it is possible to get a salary above BDT 3 lakh.

You will need to spend a minimum of BDT 8 lakh to BDT 9 lakh to get an agricultural visa in Italy, be it a seasonal visa or a non-seasonal visa. However, if you want to go on a seasonal visa, you will have to spend around BDT 10 lakh just for the agricultural visa. But if you want to choose, you must first try through the Bangladeshi government.

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