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Do you want to know about the free course sites? Then this article is for you. You can read this article to know about the sites from which you can take free courses. The present age is the age of technology. So we all need to get the right idea about technology. We need to take different courses to keep pace with this age of technology. A variety of courses can be done for free from some online sites. You can easily get free training from all these sites if you want.


free course site


All you need to do these free courses is an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone. So you can save your money and do these courses for free if you want. So let’s not know the details about the sites.

free course site

You will be able to take the course for free from the sites we will talk about today. You must take these courses online. You can’t do without online. So let’s get started.

Udemy Free Courses

Udemy is one of the most popular sites for doing free courses online. From here you can do many free courses totally free. It offers over 65,000 courses on a variety of subjects, professions, and talents. You can easily find the world’s largest selection of courses here. Udemy provides the world’s largest selection of courses. It’s a good place to further your education on any it skill, job skill, hobby, or personal interest. Every month it published almost 100,000 online video courses with new additions. You can follow this link ( to join Udemy.

Which courses are free on Udemy?

A list of all the courses you can take free at Udemy:

  • JavaScript and Data Structures
  • Introductory Photography Course
  • Web Design for Web Developers
  • Photography Fundamentals for Beginners
  • Oracle SQL – A Complete Introduction
  • Code Your First Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas
  • Getting Started with Playing Guitar
  • Piano Lessons For Absolute Beginners
  • Planning for Data Collection
  • Curso de ciberseguridad para micropymes y autónomos
  • Igualdad de Género y Diversidad Sexual
  • Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity
  • Introduction to Human Rights
  • Transparency and Anti-Corruption
  • Acute respiratory failure
  • SOC Verification Using System Verilog
  • A World of Difference: Exploring Intercultural Communication
  • Java for Complete Beginners
  • Pre-Calculus: Animated Trigonometry Series

You can also take numerous more courses from here.

Alison Free Courses

This is one of the best sites for free online courses. From here you can do many free courses completely free. You can take a short certificate course from here or you can choose a more comprehensive “diploma” course from here. You can participate in the courses completely free of charge. If you have completed a short course or diploma course, you will need to pay a fee to obtain a printed or digital certificate. You can pay for a premium account for around 9 9 per month if you want, which will give you access to more features. Such as a certificate strip discount, access to any advertising, and building feature resumes.

Which courses are free on Alison?

Here is a list of courses you can take free from

  • Networking and Security
  • Hardware
  • Software Development
  • Game Development
  • Software Tools
  • IT management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Database and Core IT skills

You can also take numerous more courses from here.

Coursera Free Courses

Coursera is another popular site for doing free courses online. From here you can take free courses on various subjects. University and college students can take free courses from here. About 3,800+ course videos can be found here. Coursera has over 25 million registered users. Courses are a mix of approved and non-accredited courses. This offer is available to students worldwide. You can join Coursera from here-

Which courses are free on Coursera?

Here is a list of courses you can take free from Coursera:

  • COVID-19 contact tracing
  • Machine Learning
  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills
  • Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out
  • English for Career Development
  • Financial Engineering and Risk Management Part I
  • Algorithms, Part I
  • Seeing Through Photographs
  • Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Learn to Program: The Fundamentals
  • Internet History, Technology, and Security
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Cryptography I
  • Buddhism and Modern Psychology

You can also take numerous more courses from here.

edX Free Courses

edx is another online free course site. Through this site you can do some courses for free. ADX allows anyone, anywhere, to take university classes in different departments, and get certified. Some of edx’s major partners are Harvard, Berkeley, Dartmouth, Georgetown, and the University of Chicago. By joining edX, you can take 2500+ online courses from 140 institutions. You can join edX from here-

Which courses are free on edX?

Here is a list of courses you can take free from edX:

  • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science
  • The Analytics Edge
  • The Foundations of Happiness at Work
  • Leading High-Performing Teams
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Marketing Analytics: Marketing Measurement Strategy
  • Managing Study, Stress and Mental Health at University
  • Six Sigma: Define and Measure
  • Fat Chance: Probability from the Ground Up
  • Chasing your Dream: How to End Procrastination and Get
  • Introduction to FinTech
  • Ethics in Action
  • English Grammar and Style
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Data Science: R Basics
  • Python Basics for Data Science
  • The Science of Beer
  • Strategic Social Media Marketing
  • CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript
  • Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
  • Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking
  • CS50’s Introduction to Game Development

You can also take numerous more courses from here.

Google Digital Garage Free Courses

Have you ever heard of Google Digital Garage? Yes, if you wish, you can also do free courses on various subjects from here. Google Digital Garage works to provide new skills for the digital world. We all use Google on a daily basis but many users do not realize that Google also has a full course platform. Most of these Google Digital Garage courses are available for free. You can join Google Digital Garage from here-

Which courses are free on Google Digital Garage?

Here is a list of courses you can take free from Google Digital Garage:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Get a business online
  • Make sure customers find you online
  • Promote a business with online advertising
  • Expand a business to other countries
  • Connect with customers over mobile
  • Promote a business with content
  • Understand customers needs and online behaviors
  • Build confidence with self-promotion
  • How to enhance and protect your online campaign
  • Land your next job
  • Understand the basics of code

You can also take numerous more courses from here.

Govt Free Courses

If you want, you can do various government courses for free. Governments in many countries are offering free IT courses. In BD you can do many free courses if you want. Apply here ( for a free course.

Which courses can you do for free from Bangladesh?

Here is a list of courses you can take free from Bangladesh:

  • Web Design
  • Graphics & Web UI design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Application Development- PHP
  • Web Application Development- Dot Net
  • Practical SEO
  • Mobile Application Development (Android)
  • Server Administration & Cloud Management
  • IT support Technical
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Customer Support & Service
  • IT Sales Management
  • English & Business Communication

You can also take numerous more courses from here.


Hopefully, you have found a lot of information about the free course site. If you have any questions, you can comment bellow. Thank you for reading my article. You will be much better. Have a nice day!


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