BTS Yet To Come Record: The Most Listeners in 2022

BTS will come up with new songs and will break many records. This has become the rule! With the release of BTS’s song Yet to Come, there has been a lot of response in the music world. BTS is back with the release of their first anthology album, ‘Proof’. And one of the songs from this proof album is Yet to Come.

The song “yet to come” debuted with the most listeners in 2022 on Melon. On June 10, netizens shared Mellon’s chart. The number of listeners is counted within one hour after the initial release According to the streaming platform, BTS ‘song “Yet to Come” debuted in 2022 with 53,724 listeners and the largest audience. The song was released at 1 PM KST. 1 pm is not the ideal time for a song to be released in Korea. But this song has been able to make this record even after it was released at this time.

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