5 Best Free Antivirus For Android Smartphones Download

5 Best Free Antivirus For Android Smartphones Download details will find here. Antivirus software is not only meant for computers, it is also important to install the right antivirus on your Android device. This will help protect against corrupted or malicious apps and malware. The Android operating system is widely popular. It’s installed on millions of devices across the globe, making it the main target for malicious hackers.

This article provides you to download the 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android with comparison. Check the facts to choose the best android antivirus app for your smartphone. We will give you a list of the top 5 best antiviruses for Android Smartphones. So let’s go!

What is an antivirus app?

An antivirus app is used to detect, block and remove all types of threats to a device. The threats may contain viruses, malware, spyware, bloatware, etc. That could enter your device, via malicious websites, links, or applications.

By installing a quality antivirus app for Android smartphones, you can help save your device from these types of attacks. The best ones on the market supply thorough protection while also using the lowest resources on your device, which confirms it keeps running smoothly.

5 Best Free Antivirus For Android Smartphones Download:

5. Kaspersky – Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky delivers mobile security for Android devices. It offers you antivirus and tools for protecting your privacy. This app works on artificial intelligence to always notice and block potential threats to your device.


  1. Detects the apps that are spying on your calls or texts
  2. Alerts you if you come across a URL that steals your information
  3. Automatically scans your apps
  4. Keeps an eye on threats 24/7
  5. Anti-theft features, including locking, locating, and wiping a stolen device

Price: A free plan is available, Paid plan costs $11.99 per year.

4. Avast – Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is a famous, light, and effective antivirus app that gives free security for Android phones. This antivirus app aims at maintaining the utmost security and performance of your Android smartphones.


  1. Protects you from links on the web that can cause a threat to your device,
  2. Checks how secure a Wi-Fi network is,
  3. Detects malicious apps,
  4. Keep your browsing history private with the VPN provided by Avast,
  5. Let’s you share the app with up to 10 devices.


  • Avast Premium Security: Free for Android devices,
  • Avast Ultimate: $49.99 per year for a single device, $59.99 per year for 10 devices.

3. Norton – Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is one of the best antivirus apps for Android smartphones. It saves your device from threats and gives security from cyber crimes and dangerous Wi-Fi networks.


  1. Notifies you if you connect to a non-trustworthy Wi-Fi network,
  2. Detects malicious websites,
  3. You can keep a check on the privacy risks before downloading an app from Google Play,
  4. Their patent-protected app scanning technology saves your mobile phone from any sort of threat,
  5. Helps to save your device from cyber-crimes.

Price: $14.99 (1 Year).

2. Avira

Avira is the best free antivirus app for Android. It saves your privacy and blocks malicious apps and websites. It Gives you a free VPN for 100 MB per day. There are paid plans too that let you install premium mobile apps, and give you VIP customer support.

  1. Notifies you instantly, in case of data breaching,
  2. Lock the apps on your phone with a password,
  3. Blocks all websites that seem to be a threat to your device,
  4. Get a free VPN for surfing 100 MB per day,
  5. Tools to help you get your phone back in case of a theft.

Price: There is a free version available and paid plans.

  • Security Pro: $11.99 per year,
  • Prime Mobile: $31.99 per year.

1. Bitdefender – Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security is one of the best antivirus apps for your Android smartphones. It provides protection to your Android device, against any malware and virus, while setting minimal impact on your device’s battery.

  1. Look after your account’s privacy and verify whether your email account has been breached,
  2. Works on Android 5.0 or later,
  3. An Internet connection is required for its functioning,
  4. Gives you a secure VPN for surfing the Internet,
  5. Lets you find, lock or format your device, in case it is lost or stolen,
  6. Puts zero to minimal impact on your battery life.

Price: A free version is available. Price plans are as follows:

  • For 1 account: $14.99 (for the first year),
  • For 5 accounts: $44.99 (for the first year).

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